Remedial Therapy

Asquith Hall is our main base for Exercise and Remedial Therapies, with an incredible hydrotherapy pool with fitted hoist and a range of exercise equipment that allows us to deliver specialised and progressive sessions covering exercise, relaxation and rehabilitation. As an addition to the Hydrotherapy pool we also have a dedicated therapy room, used to deliver key person centred remedial therapies to all our residents based upon consultation of needs. We also regularly make use of the park and sports centre opposite, taking our residents on walks around the park aimed at developing fitness, stability, coordination and gait pattern. We currently have a number of residents who enjoy playing cricket and have made numerous trips over to the park for mini cricket skill sessions, the sports centre also sees us visit taking part in table tennis sessions that we book on a weekly basis.

Within Asquith Hall our residents, their relatives and our hard working staff all have access to the wide range of therapies on offer, and can make use of these therapies regardless of whether this may be for rehabilitation, relaxation, maintaining and improving functional movement patterns or just to continue playing a sport they love within the safety of specialised sessions adapted appropriately to their needs.

Casicare, in its innovative and dedicated approach to care and support has the facility and staff to deliver high quality, person centred and engaging one to one and group exercise sessions as well as a wide range of remedial based therapies that ensure every resident has the opportunity to access these and make use of what’s on offer! Between Mathew (exercise and remedial therapist coordinator) and Melissa (sports and exercise therapist) we are able to offer our residents and the wider community the following:-

• Personal training (one to one and group)
• Group exercise classes
• Kettlebell training
• Oomph wellness sessions
• Exercise referral
• Sports massage therapy
• Swedish body massage
• Reflexology
• Cupping therapy
• Diabetes and weight management
• Hydrotherapy
• Sports specific coaching
• Tutoring in health and wellbeing
• Corporate packages
• All sessions can be suitably adapted to ensure that we cater for individuals physical and mental health needs

Each resident within Asquith hall has the opportunity to be referred via a nurse for a course of remedial therapy or sports and exercise therapy on either a short or long term basis depending upon needs. All of our physical therapy programs are designed to be as specific and individualised as possible based around the key interests and hobbies of the individual and what type of program is going to best suit the individual.

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