The Gold Standards Framework in Care Homes

Improving care for all people near the end of life provided by front-line generalist staff in any setting

The Gold Standards Framework (GSF) is a systematic evidence-based approach to optimising the care for patients nearing the end of life delivered by generalist providers. It is concerned with helping people to live well until the end of life and includes care in the final years of life for people with any end stage illness in any setting.

The National GSF Centre CIC is the national training and coordinating centre for all programmes, enabling generalist frontline staff to provide quality care for people nearing the end of life, whatever their illness, wherever the setting. It aims to support best implementation of GSF in all settings, using a common framework and toolkit of resources.

GSF improves the quality, coordination and organisation of care in primary care, care homes and acute hospitals. This enables more patients to receive the type of care they want and the complex case management they may require, in their preferred place, with greater cost efficiency through reduced hospitalisation.

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Asquith Hall care home has now fully integrated the ‘CareSys’ software, allowing information to be shared effectively amongst any number of different people at different locations throughout the building.

The key uses in CareSys include:

Time & Attendance
Person Centred Care
Staff HR
Care Scheduling
Equipment Maintenance
Behaviour Support
Income / Billing
Enquiries / Marketing


Registered Nursing Home Association

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