Services and Support

Whatever stage of an individual’s illness our support and care can enable residents to stay at Asquith Hall. Our aim is to avoid any crisis admission to hospital, as we have the abilities and professional skills to care for people at Asquith Hall.

We can achieve this by having excellent links with our community psychiatrist, the community mental health team, the Calderdale care home liaison team, a local GP service and allied community professionals.

We have a local pharmacist who is thorough and works to a very tight deadline for delivery of medications and supplies.

We also have access to a host of allied professionals such as dietician, community physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, falls prevention nurse, community mental health team, etc.

Individuals that have been brought to Asquith Hall specialist nursing home with a support network may include specialities involving, acquired brain injury teams, psychology, complex case managers, etc.

Asquith Hall also has their own occupational therapists who are employed full time to support all staff who facilitate therapy.

Our focus is also placed on encouraging people to reach and maintain their optimum in quality of life so they may move on from us to a less structured setting.

For this purpose we have designed the ‘moving on club’ for individual residents who have achieved above their expectations in independence and may need a step down from nursing care to residential care or even to be supported again in their own homes.

Considering that some of our residents are only 40 years of age the prognosis should not be for them to spend the rest of their life at Asquith Hall unless absolutely no other options exist.To date we have had many success stories of moving people on within the review process and living happily with support.

Once again this focuses on our philosophy that at whatever stage of an individual’s life and illness we will support and care for them individually and enable them to reach their optimum.