What is Life Story Work?

Life story work involves working with the individual, their family and carers to record aspects of their past and present lives so that it is used to improve their current situation and informs what care and support they may need now and in the future, taking account of their future wishes and aspirations.

Life Story Work 1

Understanding the uniqueness of an individual is a powerful tool in overcoming some care issues. Life story work improves relationships and communication between staff, relatives and the resident.

Asquith Hall has developed digital life story work led by our Activity Therapist Lindsey and her team.

“You can discover who you are and pass on valuable life experiences when you tell your story”

“Everybody has a story”

“Do you remember when?”

“The memories and experiences that have shaped your life”

Life stories at Asquith Hall are interactive, involving every resident and their families. Lindsey researches the individuals past, former jobs, hobbies, favourite music. The work contains photos, items that connect that person.

Life Story Work 2

The benefits of life story work are immense but one marked change can be in understanding behaviour. Why do people behave the way they do is often difficult especially if their actions are hostile, aggressive and challenging for us.

We can help people to touch base with who they are and improve self esteem and restore identity. We show most importantly we are listened.

Challenging behaviour is an unmet need, when we understand what that need is we can influence and minimise that behaviour and in some cases prevent it happening.

Our life story work is very important and key to our person centred planning.