What is Respite Care?

Respite Care

When you need a break from caring.

If you are caring for somebody that has dementia either part time or full time, you are going to need respite care at some stage. But what is respite care and why do you need it?

Looking after a person with dementia can be a very demanding role for the carer, who in the majority of cases is a family member such as a partner, husband, wife, or sibling, such as a son or daughter. This is usually a voluntary agreement done for love and not money because with it care, the individual with dementia would need to go into a resident care home or face major issues over their wellbeing if there was no permanent carer.

Staff at Asquith Hall can help the carer take a break from caring for the person with dementia and this is called “Respite Care”.

We normally call respite care any sort of outside help or support a carer receives that enables the person to take a break from the caring responsibility of someone who needs the care. Whilst you may initially feel guilty or question yourselves about taking a break – remember this.

If you don’t take a proper break you too could become ill.

It is not healthy to work constantly without a break especially as your job can be 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. You risk becoming unwell, suffering depression or other stress related illnesses that effect you physically, mentally or emotionally. This in turn will make your life and the person you are caring for more unhappy and difficult.

Respite care can come in many forms but at Asquith Hall we can bespoke a package of care to suit your personal requirements, including door to door service, a dedicated named co-ordinator and full assessment of health whilst with us. We can also maintain regular routines, social activities, maintain present skills for as long as possible. We have opportunity to access our full activities programmes, occupational therapy, private physio, complimentary therapies and the use of our aqua massage pool.

We have a dedicated respite bed available over 52 weeks and planned at regular intervals to aid consistency and familiarity to your loved one. We complete full assessment of requirements free of charge prior to admission.

We also offer an emergency service which provides respite care at very short notice. The usual person who provides the care may be suffering from an illness or has had an unexpected situation that they may have to deal with immediately. In this case you would need “Emergency Respite Care”.

Why not consider a respite week or longer at Asquith Hall. Contact us and we can arrange a visit and look around our excellent facilities.